Celly Stereo headphones



Maximum comfort and secure fit for every occasion

The Bluetooth® Wireless stereo headset FLIP1 offer an innovative and elegant design with a practical lace that will allow you to carry them with you on any occasion.

Thanks to the sport in-ear caps,

FLIP1 is perfect for your sport activities. Listen to your favorite workout playlists and make calls without cables around you.

Manage music and calls thanks to the function keys placed on FLIP1.

Make your calls and listen to your music in stereo or mono mode: you can place an earphone inside the charging box and continue your activities with one earphone only (microphone available on both earphones).

Compatibile with different models of Smartphone and Tablet: Apple , Samsung , Motorola , Xiaomi, OPPO , Huawei , TCL , Alcatel . Vivo , Realme, Honor.


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